How often do you hear people say, “I have to go to the gym” or “I have to go to my daughter’s game?” Doesn’t it sound like a burden when they put it that way? Ranks right up there with, “I have to go to the dentist.”

My clients are often concerned about how people will react to them working with a coach, especially if their company typically uses coaching only to address potential career derailing behaviors. Early in the coaching engagement, we explore how they plan to discuss this with their colleagues. I recommend that they use a positive, enthusiastic tone when they say, “I get to work with a coach to learn how I can be most effective.” Compare that statement to this one, spoken in an annoyed voice: “I’m not really sure why, but my boss said I have to work with a coach.” Which point of view do you think will lead to success?

If you know someone who has dealt with a health crisis, you have probably heard about the healing power of a positive point of view. I invite you to find out what happens when you change yours from “having to do something” to “getting to do something.