With an impish grin and a twinkle in his eye, the wise old man talks about the importance of sowing seeds with the hope that they will bear fruit in the future.  He encourages us to sow seeds every day and not hold onto them.  In this Stories of a Generation episode, Pope Francis explains that instead of holding onto our skills and knowledge, we should share them.

Empowering Leaders are More Effective

It’s a beautiful description of what leadership should be – sharing what we’ve learned and investing in the future by empowering our team members to make their own choices.  And it works — based on data from more than 30,000 employees in 30 countries, empowering leaders are much more effective at influencing employee creativity and more likely to be trusted by their team members.

How to Become an Empowering Leader

  1. Start with strengths — identify and leverage what makes each team member shine
  2. Develop the team – help them learn how to work together
  3. Share your experience – teach them that looking back will enable them to move forward
  4. Hold them accountable – communicate clear expectations and follow through

What might grow from the empowerment seeds you sow?