team recognition

Most of us have struggled at some point with understanding and connecting with people who are very different from us.  Team orientation versus individual advantage is one area in which that can be particularly difficult.   Those who are very focused on team success might be uncomfortable around someone who asks, “What do I have to do to get promoted?” or “When should I expect my next raise?”  Such questions could trigger a judgmental thought like, “Don’t they care about the team?”

Both And

It can be helpful to recognize that these individuals may be asking for more feedback.  They can care about the team and be motivated by knowing how they contributed to the team’s success.  For these people, the team leader needs to provide individual as well as team recognition – both “me” and “we”.

Me First

A personality assessment like Birkman is a great tool for helping us be aware of our own needs and triggers, so we can stay out of judgment and focus on helping team members get what they need.