How to Leverage Your Strengths to Get the Results You Want

At the end of our engagement my client said, “When I was told I was going to get a professional coach, I had a very negative attitude and was highly resistant to the idea. After all, I had gotten this far on my own and I was very busy. Coaching helped me understand how much I really had to learn about navigating very difficult political waters as part of a challenging role change.”

You’re not broken

It’s not unusual for clients to resist coaching to “fix a problem”  because in many organizations coaching has been used as a remedial tool.  The good news is the trend has shifted toward coaching as an investment in high-potentials and top performers.

Focus on the positives

One of the first steps in coaching is a 360 degree feedback process.  Although I always encourage my clients to first highlight the positives in the feedback summary, very few people do so.  Since paying attention to negative information enabled our ancestors to survive, it makes sense that we want that input first.  My client applied his increased self-awareness from the 360 feedback, leveraged his strength in building relationships to improve his influencing skills and got the promotion he wanted.

Step by step

Here’s how you can get the results you want:

  1. Get honest, objective feedback through a formal 360 feedback process or informal discussions with your colleagues
  2. First identify the common themes for strengths and then for growth areas
  3. Create an action plan for one area in which you could be more effective and at least one strength you can leverage
  4. Share your plan with your feedback partners
  5. Implement your plan
  6. Ask for ongoing, real time feedback and track the common themes
  7. Repeat what works and change what doesn’t
  8. Give yourself at least six months to see consistent improvement and 12 months for sustainable change
  9. Reevaluate your plan at regular intervals and modify as needed
  10. Celebrate your successes!

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