Can You Be a Chameleon?

A recent 360 feedback process for several technically accomplished individuals confirmed that these clients need to be like chameleons adapting to different environments.  Although they are most comfortable with a detailed, analytical communication style, they must improve their ability to provide a high level overview to senior executive audiences and a more general approach for non-technical colleagues.

Adapt to Your Audience

Adapting your style to your environment enhances the way your audience sees and hears you. These key steps will ensure that your message is well-received in both formal and informal settings:

• Learn as much as possible about your audience, whether it’s one person or a group
• Ask someone who knows them for advice on what is most effective
• Review your presentation with a trusted advisor who can give you valuable feedback
• Adjust the level of detail accordingly
• Follow up to confirm that your message was understood

Try something different in your next discussion or presentation, notice how it is received and make changes for next time.