After listening to a friend explain why she wasn’t pursuing a job opportunity that would enhance her career, I commented, “If you’re willing to settle for less than what you deserve, that’s all you will get.”  A look of resignation crossed her face and she said, “You’re right.”  She committed to resisting the temptation to make a move just to escape her current situation.

What about you?  Are you settling for less than what you deserve in your career?

  • Do you need to reevaluate your priorities and dedicate yourself to getting what you want instead of settling for what you can get?
  • Are you clear about what you want?
  • What resources do you need and how will you get them?
  • What are the potential obstacles you might encounter and how will you handle them?
  • Who will support you in this process?

I encourage you to commit to getting what you deserve.  To explore this further, contact me



How do you let go of things that cause tension and get in the way of your career success?

Have you ever been in the dentist’s office, wondering if you could avoid a tension headache by releasing your grip on the arms of the chair?  It works!  Here are some steps to letting go of things like frustration, unrealistic expectations, or resentment that cause tension and prevent career success:

1. Identify the source of tension
2. Ask yourself what you’re getting from holding on
3. Specify the benefits of letting go
4. Make the changes necessary to reap those benefits

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