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Can You Create a Safe Space?

Have you heard a leader, coach, facilitator or DEI expert talk about creating a safe space?  Miriam Webster defines a safe space as “a place … intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations.”  Some people are questioning whether that is truly possible. An Unrealistic Promise In The […]

What’s Your Excuse?

“I had every intention of getting that document to you by the deadline but I always have too much on my plate.”  We all want extra points for good intentions when we don’t follow through on a commitment but we aren’t so generous when a colleague makes excuses for repeatedly missing the mark. Habits Hold […]


“Me”, “We” or Both?

Most of us have struggled at some point with understanding and connecting with people who are very different from us.  Team orientation versus individual advantage is one area in which that can be particularly difficult.   Those who are very focused on team success might be uncomfortable around someone who asks, “What do I have to […]


How to Resolve a Communication Breakdown

You’ve tried to explain your point of view and the other person just won’t listen.  You know you’re right so why should you waste time asking what they think?  If this isn’t you, you have probably experienced a communication breakdown with someone who takes this approach. Do Your Homework The first step in resolving a […]


How to Manage a Difficult Team Member

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is about managing a difficult team member.  They say things like, “He is taking up too much of my time” or “She isn’t responding to my suggestions for changing her behavior.”  My response is, “What does that person need that they aren’t getting?”  The leader […]

All Work and No Play?

Summer means vacation for a lot of people and I’m hearing from many clients that they are really trying to unplug.  They know it can be tempting to check email and get sucked right back into the work vortex. Play is Essential to Mental Health Corporate Wellness Magazine reports that 84 percent of workers surveyed […]