Springing Forward with Resilience

Do you have any trouble springing forward when the time changes?  It is a challenge for most of us to adjust to that kind of change.   I see many clients struggling to respond with resilience, especially to changes over which they feel they have no control.  In a corporate culture that values mental toughness, it can be perceived as whining if we voice concerns about a reorganization or a new assignment.

I have been working with a client who was frustrated by organizational changes.  He felt ambushed since he wasn’t involved in the decisions and was struggling to get past his resentment.  This is the approach we used:

  • Don’t take it personally – take yourself out of the equation and look at it from the perspective of others.  What are the possible reasons that you weren’t consulted on the decisions?
  • Manage your response – assess your emotional reaction and then decide how to respond rationally.
  • Spring forward with resilience – create motivation for yourself by taking action.  Once you do something to move forward you will be less likely to hold on to your resistance to the change.

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