The Next Chapter

I heard a great quote last week: “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.”  I learned that Michael McMillan, author of The Power of Teamwork, originated it.  He explains on his website that, “Growing from our past is productive… attempting to live there isn’t.” 

Many of my clients are high achievers with very high expectations of themselves who tend to beat themselves up over their mistakes. For those who have taken the Birkman assessment, you have a high Challenge score.  If this sounds familiar, you probably already know that you function best in an environment that provides challenges and opportunities for personal accomplishment.

Here are some suggestions for getting to the next chapter:

  • If you find yourself ruminating over something in the past, write down what you learned and how you will apply it in the future.
  • If things become too routine, seek out some new challenges.
  • Rather than automatically blaming yourself when things go wrong, identify what you can control and address that.

What will you learn from the last chapter of your life that will help you begin the next one?


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